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Our Dogs In The News!


Chili Earns ROM Chili Earns ROMP Amber Earns ROMP
Simcha Earns NA Simcha Earns RN Simcha Earns NAJ
Class Winners at National! Cornell Earns RN Title Vida Earns RN Title Cassanova Earns CH Title
Cambridge Earns CH Title Cornell Earns CH Title Chili Earns HACs Yale Earns RA Title
Bear-Tinker Puppies Are Born! Yale-Berkley Puppies Are Born! Bohdan-Vida Puppies Born Tinker Earns HSCs Title
Brun Earns CH Title V Earns CH Title Bohdan Earns CH Title
Busy Earns CH Title Maddy Earns CH Title Berkley Earns CH Title Tonka Earns CH Title
Chili Earns HICs Title! Yale Earns RN Title Miele Earns RN Title Bonaparte Learns to Cart
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2002 2001 2000 1999
1998 1997

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