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Celebra Briards, Tia Briards, and Celebratia Briards are planning the following litters.  We are small scale breeders producing between the two of us one or two litters a year.  In our breeding program we strive to maintain and hopefully improve the overall health of the Briard breed by careful, selective breeding with healthy, certified breeding stock.  We also emphasize temperament and intellect because we love doing things with our well-rounded beautiful babies (see the Village News).  We are looking for homes where the pup will be valued and admired the way we value and admire our own dogs.  For more information on any of these litters please contact one of us: Christi Leigh (Celebra Briards:505-217-3813); Julie Reconnu (Tia Briards:972-452-8977 or 972-523-2119).  

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